The Covert War of the Globalists versus the Patriots

The Covert War.jpg
Trump’s presidency upset the apple cart of the Deep State

Understanding how Satan will establish his global government for the man of sin to ascend as the world ruler, we must understand the people Satan has been cultivating for millennia to execute his plan.  Too many Christians assume this will come about in a vacuum, without recognizing the steps that have already been taken to bring this nefarious plan to fruition.

The United States and the world is on the brink of destruction by these satanic agents, who have been called the “Shadow government” or the “Deep State”.   But, God….    God has intervened and given mankind a respite and one last chance to repent.  This respite is being executed by God through His human agents known as the “Alliance” or the “Patriots”.

These are military leaders of the US government who were greatly alarmed at the destruction being done to the USA by the last administration and resolved to intervene.  The plan was considered of having a military coup to over throw the Obama administration, but cooler heads prevailed.  A military coup could create unprecedented civil strife and could be more injurious to the citizens than the military wanted to happen.  Instead they made a plan that followed the rule of law for a peaceful restoration of the Republic.